South Africa Fundraiser

Our Stonecroft partners in South Africa continue to reach out during COVID and have been able to use our RSVP Film Series to do so. We’re thrilled that God would use our Canadian voice to share his light and love with neighbours and friends in South Africa! Would you be thrilled to help our South African sisters-in-Christ share the faith messages of these films?

Referring to the RSVP films, administrator Elaine writes: “We were very impressed as that is exactly what we are looking for!

Elaine asked us if there is any way we can provide DVD packets to them, though they are currently unable to cover the costs of the resources and shipping. They want to feed the spiritually hungry in their country, who are searching for truth and longing for hope.

We are reaching out to you to ask if you would help provide a faith message to our South African friends. We want to send them a shipment of films for their outreach. We can accomplish this for a cost of just $6,000.

Is the Lord laying this special request on your heart? Any donation amount to help make this possible will be appreciated and you will receive a tax receipt for your gift at year end.

Stonecroft Southern Africa Staff - Elaine Daly (Director), Natalie Daly (Marketing), Jill Sumption (CWC), Janine Brinton (Secretary), Gwen Maritz (Finances)
Adelaide Muchetu (Co-Director Zimbabwe)
Julie Caddick (Director Zimbabwe and Prayer Director Southern Africa)